5 Influencers Who Make Kindness Their Brand

5 Influencer who make kindness their brand

Most of us have heard the word "influencer" at this point. Normally, influencers use social media for advertising products and services, but they often utilize their social influence for the greater good. Their message is crucial, whether they are promoting a nonprofit or taking part in a social challenge to contribute to assisting others.

While popular social media influencers have a sizable following, there are a few influential people who make a great impact by giving back.

 Here is a list of influencers doing good:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

When she isn't taking care of her six gorgeous children or performing in or directing another movie, Angelina will most likely be serving as the UN's goodwill ambassador. Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses, was born there.

The stunning actress, director, and philanthropist received acclaim for her outstanding performance on a global scale. For her astounding performance, she has been successful in winning the Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. Critics and viewers have highly commended her performances in Gia, Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, and other films.

Even more influential than her filmmaking is Angelina's participation in humanitarian causes. Her energetic participation in UNHCR, through which she not only gave significant sums of money but also visited refugees all over the world, hasn't gone ignored. Angelina has purchased land in Cambodia to protect the local fauna.

She got involved in a distinct rural development initiative to combat problems like sickness and poverty. Angelina supports the health and education of children in many poor nations. Her charitable activities demonstrate that she is a lovely person with a wonderful heart.

Paul NicklenChristina Mittermeir

Paul Nicklen and Christina Mittermeier

Photographers of wildlife Paul Nicklen, and Christina Mittermeier, have distinct photo collections that include images of lions, penguins, whales, and many other animals. Additionally, these two are the co-founders of the organization SeaLegacy.

In December 2017, Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen released a video on their social media channels of a starving polar bear in the Canadian Arctic, that became viral through National Geographic.

The malnourished bear was captured on camera, searching fruitlessly through a trash can. He fell and collapsed, appearing to accept his approaching demise.

 The news organization in charge of the video's dissemination claims that it may have reached an astounding 2.5 billion people in only two weeks.

In 2004, they established the Canadian nonprofit group, which strives to bring together storytellers, scientists, and photographers to support the preservation of the oceans.

Tamika D. Mallory

Tamika D. Mallory

Tamika D. Mallory founded Mallory Consulting, is a national co-chair for the Women's March, and is an activist. She supports stricter gun control laws, women's equality, access to health care, and moral police behavior.

The Women's March on Washington, the biggest one-day protest in US history, was co-chaired by Mallory.

Tamika is deep into the civil rights revolution. From her role as the former executive director of the National Action Network to her crucial contribution to the development of New York City's Crisis Management System.

She has collaborated on high-profile initiatives involving mass imprisonment, gun violence, and police brutality with Fortune 500 companies and groups.

Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley

Ex-NBA All-Star Charles Oakley has a passion for cooking and volunteering, which led him to establish Charles Oakley Foundation in 2020. His goal is to aid communities in their battle against hunger and poverty and provide assistance to those in need. His passion for cooking has enabled him to hone his specialty both professionally and philanthropically. He is a partner in the Cleveland and Miami locations of Red The Steakhouse.

You can frequently see Charles cooking at different private and corporate events. Charles adds a special blend and flair to every event with his celebrity recognition and culinary skills.

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, and many other celebrities have enjoyed Charles' cuisine at their private parties.

The Charles Oakley Foundation started the "Oak Out Hunger" initiative in 2021 with the aim of feeding 10,000 meals across America. In 2022, Charles personally prepared and served many of these meals by visiting numerous cities and collaborating with shelters in the most underserved neighborhoods.

Thousands of meals and other services are still given to poor areas by "Oak Out Hunger."

Jade O'Connell

 Jade O'Connell

Well-known for her wacky internet baking videos,19-year-old New Zealander Jade is a true example of authenticity in influencers. She uses her Tourette's syndrome to spread awareness of the condition and opens out about it to make others laugh while educating them.

 Her prominent participation in Camp Twitch, a Tourette's Association of New Zealand fundraiser, demonstrates her commitment to the subject.

 Jade beeps, curses, insults, and loses control of her limbs, head, and neck in her case. Most days, she and her family can laugh it off.

 On other days, it makes her uncomfortable and hurts. On her bad days, when her tics take over, all she can do is cry as her body jerks without her will. Jade has shared her happy and sad moments with her admirers.

 One of such conditions, Tourette's syndrome, has been shown in Hollywood films because it gives a character the freedom to utter offensive things. The joke has always been that. Jade concluded that this was her joke and narrative.


Although many perceive influencers and celebrities as creating content without much purpose other than to show off their glamorous lifestyles, many of them positively leverage their platforms in multiple ways. These are just a few examples of influencers giving back to society and fighting for cause marketing.

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