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Easily and transparently give back when life is too busy to volunteer with fashion-forward gifts that donate to charity. Your purchase makes a collective and impactful difference for a local nonprofit organization. Learn about our vetted nonprofit organizations, grab a unique gift that starts an important conversation, support causes and issues important to you, and create meaningful change.

What We Do

The Kindness Cause partners with Vetted Nonprofit Organizations.
Partner With Vetted Nonprofits

We create and curate merchandise around the mission of our nonprofit partners.

The Kindness Cause partners with new nonprofits and feature new causes every 60 days.
Shop By Cause

We partner with and add new nonprofit organizations/causes to shop in support of regularly.

The Kindness Cause transparently shares how much is donated per item sold in each product description.
Transparently Share Donations

Donation amounts are provided in every product description on our site.

Every purchase donates to charity. Your purchase matters & makes a difference.
Every Purchase Donates

Every purchase donates to charity. Your purchase matters & makes a difference.

Mandy Cordia, Founder & Owner of The Kindness Cause

Mandy Cordia

Meet Our Founder

Hi! I’m Mandy. I am the founder of The Kindness Cause and a 20+ year veteran of the retail industry. I turned my love of shopping into a full-time career as a corporate retail buyer for companies like, Dillard’s, and The Home Shopping Network. My career as a corporate retail buyer allowed me to live out my childhood dreams of attending fashion shows, traveling the world, and working with hundreds of fashion brands. I now use my talents for The Kindness Cause to create and curate product assortments that support the work of incredible nonprofit organizations.

Our Story

When the pandemic hit, I was one of the "lucky" ones who got to keep my job in retail when many were laid off or furloughed. My job was already demanding, so it wasn't long before the additional workload caused me to crash-land in burnout. My breaking point came one day while working from home and trying frantically to hit a deadline. I heard my 3-year-old son playing in his room, and something he said caught my attention. I got up and peeked around the corner to watch. My son had set up his stuffed animals around his table. He made a computer from paper and pretended to work just as he saw me do daily. After a few moments, he turned to his stuffed animals and yelled at them to be quiet. He said, "I'm on an important call and need to finish my work." I cried. My heart was broken. This was not the example I wanted to set for my children, and I knew something had to change.

I didn't know what that change was, so I started with therapy. Little did I know then that those therapy sessions would change everything. One of the most significant discoveries was that I had been neglecting my passion for giving back. Before having children, I volunteered my time to several charitable organizations. Life had become so busy that I no longer had time to volunteer.

I started to buy gifts for my friends and family that supported charitable organizations as my way of giving back. The gifts became conversation starters about important issues and a way to learn about different nonprofits. However, it often took a lot of work to uncover and learn about the nonprofit benefiting from my purchase, and the giveback was often vague. As a product person, I didn't always love the merchandise offered. There had to be a better way. I decided that my many years of retail experience and love of helping others put me in a unique position to tackle the problem head-on. I set out on a mission to make giving back and supporting important causes easy when life is busy by incorporating giving into the things we do every day, like buying gifts for our friends and family. I launched The Kindness Cause on March 31, 2022.

Our Mission

To provide an informed charitable shopping experience to consumers who want to further purpose-driven organizations that transform the world.

Our Vision

A world where kindness, generosity, and helping others is the norm.

Our Values

Serve With Radical Empathy

Approach service with a deep understanding and compassion for the individuals and communities we serve

Build Trust Through Honesty & Transparency

Build meaningful relationships by being truthful, open, and clear in our communication and actions

Respect & Elevate Others

Foster a culture of inclusivity where everyone can thrive, feel a sense of belonging, and create an environment where everyone can succeed

Make An Impact

Using skills, resources, and influence to create a positive change that benefits others and contributes to a more just, equitable, and sustainable world

Be Curious & Courageous

Explore new ideas, challenge assumptions, take risks, have an open mind, and a willingness to step outside of our comfort zone to discover new possibilities

Do The Right Thing

Act with integrity, honesty, and fairness with a commitment to making choices that are sustainable, equitable, and socially responsible

Causes & Issues Supported By The Kindness Cause

We carefully vet our nonprofit partners and add new causes and issues to support regularly. We aim to elevate and amplify the work of smaller, regional nonprofit organizations.

Human Rights | Environmental Justice | Education | Human Trafficking | Cancer | Children | Refugees | Poverty | Victims of Domestic Violence | Homelessness | Women's Rights | Racial Equality | The LGBTQIA+ Community | Animals | Veterans | The Elderly | Equality | Mental Health | Arts & Culture | Emergency Aid | And More

Your Purchase Matters

Las Vegas based small business with a big heart | The Kindness Cause Fashion-forward gifts that give back

Las Vegas Based Small Business With A Big Heart

100% woman-owned, mom entrepreneur | The Kindness Cause Fashion-forward gifts that give back to charity

100% Woman-Owned, Mom Entrepreneur

Every purchase donates to charity | The Kindness Cause Fashion-forward gifts that give back to charity

Every Purchase Gives Back To A Nonprofit Organization

making the world a better place through education & transparency | The Kindness Cause Fashion-forward gifts that give back to charity

Making The World A Better Place Through Education & Transparency