Our Story

Hi! I’m Mandy. I am the founder of The Kindness Cause and a 20+ year veteran of the retail industry. I’ve had the pleasure of helping others find love and joy through the items they wear every day as a buyer for companies like The Home Shopping Network, Dillard’s, and Zappos.com. My buying career has allowed me to work with over 500 brands across multiple product categories. I now use my talents for The Kindness Cause to create and curate product assortments that support the work of incredible nonprofit organizations.

So why The Kindness Cause?

They say hindsight is 2020 and, in my case, it couldn’t be more true. Like most people, 2020 brought a combination of working long hours at home, juggling childcare & education, and ultimately feeling like I was unsuccessful in every category of my life. 2020 required me to do some deep soul searching and I realized that life had become so busy with my work and becoming a mom that I no longer had time to volunteer, support causes and issues that matter to me, and ultimately give back in a meaningful way. Life is busy and I wanted an easier and transparent way to incorporate discovering and supporting causes that are important to me.  So, I combined my years of working in the retail industry with my passion for giving back to create The Kindness Cause.