No. We are a for profit company that partners with nonprofits to raise money and awareness for our nonprofit partners

The Kindness Collection is our collection of product themed around
kindness, advocacy, and positive affirmations. It is not specific to a
particular nonprofit. We will rotate the nonprofit who will receive a portion
of the proceeds from the sale of these items every 60 days and the product will
remain unchanged. 

The Cause Collection is our collection of product created and curated around the mission of a specific nonprofit. A portion of the proceeds
from the sale of these items will be donated to the specific nonprofit in which
the collection was designed. The products in this collection are only available
for a limited time (60 days) and will no longer be available for purchase after
the 60 days is up.

Our nonprofit partnerships are for a period of 60 days to allow us
to partner and support multiple nonprofits. We also do this to limit any potential liability for our nonprofit partners.

There are two potential reasons a product is no longer available
on the site. The first possible reason is that we have sold out of the item.
The second possible reason is that item was created/curated under our Cause Collection and is only available for a limited time (60 days). Once the 60 days has expired, the product is no longer available for purchase and is removed from the site to make room for the next nonprofit collection.

Our goal is to partner with small but mighty local nonprofits. We
use organizations like Charity Navigator and Guidestar to verify ratings,
standings, to make sure we partner with reputable nonprofit partners. We highly recommend you check out Charity Navigator and Guidestar when making charitable donations. If there is a nonprofit you'd like to see us partner with, let us know by sending an email to

Send us a message on our Contact Us page or email us at

Our woman-owned, small business is in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

The Give Back

Because that’s the way it should be and it is why we created The
Kindness Cause.

In 2015, our founder purchased a doll for her daughter that
provided 10 meals to people in need. She later discovered that the nonprofit
working with this company could provide meals for only $0.25 which meant only a very small amount of her purchase went to a good cause. Instead of feeling good about the purchase, she was left feeling soured.

We will always be transparent about how much of each unit sale is
being donated to charity and we will always give away as much as we can to
support the incredible causes of our nonprofit partners. The amount of our
donations vary by item based on our wholesale costs.

We sign legally binding contracts with our nonprofit partners, and
we are bonded to guarantee that we pay our contracts in full.  We will also keep you informed on how much has been raised on the website (coming soon) and in our emails (if you decide to opt into our mailing list).

Unfortunately, no. All donations are made by The Kindness Cause,
LLC. and therefore, not eligible for individual tax deductions.

We are just starting out, so we haven’t raised much yet. However,
we will keep you informed on how much has been raised on the website (coming soon) and in our emails (if you decide to opt into our mailing list). We have a goal to donate five million dollars in our first five years!


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Unfortunately, no. We will refund you the amount of your purchase
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