Must-Have Summer Travel Items: Stay Fashion Forward and Make a Difference

Summer is finally here, and it's time to pack your bags and embark on exciting travel adventures. Whether planning a beach getaway or exploring a new city, having the right essentials can make your summer experience even more enjoyable. When you purchase from The Kindness Cause, not only will you look good, but you'll also feel good knowing that your purchases contribute to a charitable nonprofit organization working to improve the world. This blog post will introduce eight must-have summer travel items combining fashion, functionality, and philanthropy.

Summer Essential Travel Items


Large Tote: The Perfect Travel Companion

A spacious tote is a summer essential that ensures you're ready for anything life throws your way. Look for a tote that is fashionable and practical, with enough room to carry your beach towel, sunscreen, a good book, and other beach essentials. Opt for a lightweight, easy to clean, and versatile design that seamlessly transitions from a day at the beach to an evening stroll along the promenade. 

Our Pick: Large Classic Nylon Zipper Tote Bag

Large Classic Nylon Tote Bag

Colorful Beach Blanket: Fashion Meets Versatility

Choose a lightweight and quick-drying material that is both comfortable and stylish. Invest in a vibrant beach blanket that doubles as a sarong, cover-up, or beach towel, or travel blanket. This multi-purpose item allows you to effortlessly transition from sunbathing to exploring beachside cafes without compromising on fashion. 

Our Pick: Colorful Lightweight Beach Sarong and Scarf

Lightweight Colorful Beach Sarong and Scarf

Insulated Tumbler: Stay Refreshed in the Summer Heat

Keep your favorite summer beverages chilled for hours with a cute and functional tumbler. Look for one that is insulated to ensure your drinks stay refreshing, even in scorching temperatures. Whether you prefer fruity cocktails or ice-cold water, this must-have item will be your trusted companion throughout your summer adventures. The best part is always avoiding over paying for plastic water bottles when you can easily refill your tumbler. Tumblers that fit in your car's cupholder get extra bonus points!

Our Pick: Colorful Happy Stainless 30oz Skinny Tumbler

Colorful Happy Stainless 30oz Skinny Tumbler

Fun Crossbody Phone Strap: Stay Hands-Free and Accessible

A fun and practical crossbody strap for your phone is a game-changer for travelers and was seen all over the streets of Paris for the last fashion week.  Choose a stylish strap that complements your style and adds an extra touch of flair to your summer outfits. By keeping your hands free and your phone easily accessible, you'll never miss a photo opportunity or fumble through your bag to find your device.

Our Pick: Multi-Color Crossbody Phone Lanyard/Chain, Hands-Free Cell Phone Strap

Multi-Color Crossbody Phone Lanyard/Chain, Hands-Free Cell Phone StrapMulti-Color Crossbody Phone Lanyard/Chain, Hands-Free Cell Phone Strap on a model

Hair Clip: Beat the Heat in Style

Stay cool and stylish with a trendy hair clip that quickly pulls back your locks on hot summer days. Opt for a versatile design that adds a pop of color, uniqueness, or elegance to your hairstyle. Whether lounging by the pool or exploring a new city, this accessory will keep you looking chic while beating the heat.

Our Pick: Super Soft Women's Faux Fur Large Hair Clip

Super Soft Women's Faux Fur Large Hair Clip

Baseball Cap: Shield Yourself from the Sun

Protect your face from harmful UV rays with a great baseball cap. Choose a hat that combines functionality with style, such as a breathable material and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. Don't forget to apply sunscreen as well – taking care of your skin is essential for a healthy and enjoyable summer. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a sunburn.

Our Pick: Out of Office Embroidered Dad Hat

Out of Office Embroidered Dad Hat

Bracelet Keychain: Never Lose Your Keys

Say goodbye to the stress of losing your keys with a convenient bracelet keychain. This practical accessory keeps your keys secure and easily accessible while adding a touch of style to your summer wardrobe. It's perfect for those moments when you're heading out for a swim or enjoying outdoor activities and want to keep your hands free. Bonus points if it attaches to your cell phone and wallet!

Our Pick: Chunky Chain Link Keychain Bracelet for Hands Free Phone

Chunky Chain Link Keychain Bracelet for Hands Free PhoneChunky Chain Link Keychain Bracelet for Hands Free Phone on a wrist

Cute Necklace: Elevate Your Look and Make a Difference

A cute necklace not only adds a touch of elegance to your summer outfits but can also remind you of your impact on the world. Look for a necklace that inspires you, has a personal meaning, and partners with a charitable nonprofit organization. In doing so, you'll not only elevate your style but also contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Our Pick: Tools For Success- The Hammer Necklace

Tools For Success- The Hammer NecklaceTools For Success- The Hammer Necklace on a model

As you plan your summer travels, pack these must-have items that keep you fashion-forward and contribute to a charitable cause. From a large tote to a colorful beach blanket, an insulated tumbler to a crossbody phone strap, a hair clip to a baseball cap, and a bracelet keychain to a cute necklace, these essentials will enhance your summer experience while allowing you to make a positive impact.

While it's important to look good this summer, it's equally important to feel good by making a positive impact. By purchasing items that donate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable nonprofit organization (like items from The Kindness Cause), you can contribute to causes working tirelessly to improve the world.

When you support brands that give back, you become a force for change and contribute to the success of these nonprofit organizations. Your purchase goes beyond just a transaction; it becomes a meaningful gesture that supports causes close to your heart. Whether it's environmental conservation, education, healthcare, or social justice, you can align your summer style with your values.

Imagine lounging on the beach with your colorful beach blanket, knowing that a portion of your purchase goes towards protecting marine life or cleaning up our oceans. Sipping on a refreshing drink from your cute tumbler, you can take pride in the fact that your choice supports initiatives that provide clean drinking water to communities in need.

These items will elevate your summer style and serve as a conversation starter to spread awareness about the charitable causes you're supporting. When someone compliments your fashionable tote or asks about your stylish necklace, you can share the story behind your purchase and inspire others to make a difference too.

So, this summer, let's go beyond just looking good; let's feel good by supporting brands and products that donate to charitable nonprofit organizations. By embracing fashion that gives back, we can turn our summer adventures into a meaningful journey, where every purchase becomes a step towards creating a brighter future for all. You become a force for change and contribute to the success of these important causes.

Must-Have Summer Travel Items: Stay Fashion Forward and Make a Difference

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