The Importance of Giving

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We think of gifting things to loved ones as fulfilling actions. When you give a present to a loved one, you are rewarded with a smile on their face that makes us feel great. Giving back to others and participating in your community can feel equally as rewarding despite your efforts going toward strangers. But why is that?

The benefits of charitable donations extend beyond tax write-offs and giving yourself a pat on the back. In fact, they can make all the difference for you and those around you. In this article, we will go over why giving back to others can make a difference in your life and impact the lives of others.

Why We Give and Why It is Important

Giving to others, also known as altruism, is an act of selfless kindness. When you give back to others in your community and in need, you are helping others with no return. Despite giving being a selfless act, you can also reap some benefits from assisting your community.

 The act of giving can lead to a sense of fulfillment for you as you contribute to bettering the lives of those around you. Humans require a purpose to remain motivated, and compassion for others can help satisfy this purpose.

 You will also see that giving back to your community makes a real impact. Whether you give time through volunteer work, donations, or financial support, your efforts serve those in need. A healthy community promotes a healthy you, according to Everyday Health.

 Charitable donations also have a distinct impact on communities. Through charity, local economies are benefitted, which leads to a more significant effect on those that are in need. According to GreatNonprofits, some of these impacts include the creation of jobs and higher monetary benefits than those actually donated.

 How You Can Give to Others

Donating money to charitable organizations is a great way to participate in your community. Still, there are other ways that you can move your money to help others. You can also support nonprofits through your everyday purchases.

One of the ways that you can give gifts to your loved ones and double your present as a gift to your community is through services such as The Kindness Cause. Through each purchase, The Kindness Cause curates a charitable shopping experience.

 As you purchase gifts for loved ones you know personally, your dollar goes further to help nonprofits dedicated to improving our global community. A portion of the proceeds of each item purchased from The Kindness Cause goes directly to their vetted nonprofit partners, which funnels back into supporting our communities.

Some of the nonprofits that are partnered with them include My Stuff Bags Foundation, Zugunruhe Experience, ShelterBox, The Remissionaries, GASP, The Cupcake Girls, and more. Each nonprofit is carefully selected to advance communities, build awareness, and serve those in need.

When shopping with The Kindness Cause for the people you care about, you support the community you care about. With perfect gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and more, you can stretch your dollar farther and bring joy to more than just your intended recipient. 

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  • Taylor Abrams

    I love that you said your efforts benefit individuals in need whether you donate money, your time, or both because, according to Everyday Health, a healthy community encourages a healthy you. I’ve always dreamed of having more than enough funds to donate and give back to charities or organizations which causes I support so I’m glad you resonate with that. One thing I want to do is donate to an anti-hate youth engagement program. I just believe that the youth has so much light to offer if they’re on the right path and I want to get into that.

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