Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian

SKU: 702
Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian - The Kindness Cause
Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian - The Kindness Cause
Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian - The Kindness Cause
Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian - The Kindness Cause

Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian

SKU: 702
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Crystal Beaded Bracelet - Black Obsidian

Part of The Kindness Collection. $1.00 from every item sold is donated to our featured nonprofit. Click here for our current Kindness Collection nonprofit partner information.

Carry the energy of powerful crystals anywhere you go with crystal stone bracelets. Each gemstone brings unique healing and protective properties with it. These crystal beads have energies that can soothe the soul and ease tensions.

These Gemstone Beaded Bracelets are made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine and then attaching them to a durable elastic cord. Crystal bracelets received as gifts have a stronger effect because it has the intentions of the original owner. Share the love that flows into your home by giving one of these to the most important people in your life.

  • Genuine gemstone beads are 8mm in diameter
  • Stretch bracelets are 19cm long
  • Price is for 1 bracelet.
  • Imported.

    Black Obsidian Meaning and Benefits:

    The history of Obsidian stone, especially Black Obsidian, dates back to roughly 7,000 years, Paleo-Indo ancestral and Paleolithic times.

    The meaning of Black Obsidian can be summarized in these top benefits:

    1. The spiritual meaning of Black Obsidian is associated with cleansing your aura of negative smog and acts as a strong psychic protection. Controlling your psychic activities leads to protection of your soul.
    2. The Black Obsidian benefits you mentally in terms of releasing your anger, fear, anxiety, illusions, lies, and negative bonds. Once you have let go of negative thoughts and energy, you will gain in positive energy of love and light.
    3. Wear Black Obsidian bracelets, pendants, and rings for protection from negative energy, pulling all the negative forces from the environment. Many use this crystal to keep them from attracting energy vampires.
    4. Black Obsidian is popularly place in cars to avoid accidents, theft, or damages.

    Black Obsidian Association:

    Chakras: Root Chakra

    Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio

    Healing Properties: Removes Negativity, Protection and Spiritual Grounding, Removes Fear, Insecurity, and Worry, Grief and Bereavement, Anger & Forgiveness

    Black Obsidian and Zodiac Connection:

    Generally, Obsidian is closely associated with astrological signs: Sagittarius and Scorpio.

    Sagittarians are mostly travelers as they tend to explore more and don’t feel like they fit in with society’s mold. They are perfectly true and optimistic and expect the same from others. You cannot find lies with them. So, they may tend to hurt other’s feelings, but at the core, they are truthful and open. Hence Black Obsidian, which is also known as “Warrior of Truth,” well suits people with this sign.

    Scorpio people can be too emotional, and hence they are often in need of Obsidian to get them relieved from negative emotional vibrations and cleanse their aura. Black Obsidian can help people born under the Scorpio Zodiac to reduce their mental stress, tension, anger, and mood shifts. Remember to recharge it often to keep it powerful and continuously effective.

    Black Obsidian and Chakra Connection:

    Black Obsidian is a Root Chakra stone. 

    The Root Chakra is where you connect with the earth and the energy of existence in the corporeal world. A stable and balanced Root Chakra means you constantly feel secure and safe in your existence. It also means that you have confidence in what the earth and the universe provide you. You are in touch with reality if you have a well-balanced Root Chakra.

    Common symptoms of an imbalanced Root Chakra are: poor focus, negative thinking, disorganization, lack of zest for life, depression, anger and frustration with the world, and lack of gratitude.

    Black Obsidian Healing Properties by Intentions:

    1. Fear, Insecurity, Worry / Removing Negativity – Like many black stones, Black Obsidian can release some long-term issues you may have since childhood. Those issues might involve intensely negative emotions like grief, anxiety, fear, and anger. Those issues might even involve guilt, shame, and resentment of yourself and close family members. Once you have a clear understanding of where your negative emotions and thoughts stem from, you have the choice to replace it with a different set of beliefs about your reality. When you have removed negativity, your mind opens up to possibilities, opportunities, and creativity. Removing negative beliefs is the 1st step in working with the Law of Attraction. The abundance mentality flows out only after you have achieved a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.
    1. Protection & Spiritual Grounding - Black Obsidian offers spiritual protection, especially from negative vibrations and generally people, events, places, and things that can drain your energy and cause you anxiety. Black Obsidian is popularly worn as a talisman to ward off energy vampires. This crystal can also block the negativity from attaching onto you through the “Debbie Downers” in your workplace or home that you cannot avoid being in contact with.
    1. Grief & Bereavement – Dealing with a loss is always difficult. However, Black Obsidian helps you introspectively look within yourself and direct you to answers on how to handle a stressful situation more calmly. Black Obsidian gives you mental clarity and a clear path to go forward. You are able to let go. Although life will not be the same, there is always an abundance of possibilities to find happiness beyond your comfort zone.
    1. Anger & Forgiveness – Black Obsidian is a great stone for self-reflection and self-awareness. Meditate with Black Obsidian to truly understand the root cause of your anger. Was it due to an unrelated past trauma that triggered your rage? Understanding why we feel angry and frustrated many times will lead us to understand it is ourselves we are mad at rather than the person we argued with. This deeper understanding allows us to make a choice to change our flawed perception of reality and opens the door to forgiveness of oneself and others.

    How to Use Black Obsidian Crystals:

    1. Wear Black Obsidian – Wearing Black Obsidian jewelry in the forms of necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings is a great way to stay connected to the stone’s energy consistently all day.
    1. Carry Black Obsidian – Carrying Black Obsidian in your wallet, purse, or pocket is also a great way to keep the stone’s energy handy for when you need a moment to center yourself. When you have it in arm’s reach, you can hold on to it for a quick moment, breathe deep and allow yourself to come back into a calm state of mind and being.
    1. Place Black Obsidian Near Your Space – Depending on the intention you’re working towards, place Black Obsidian in the appropriate environment in your home, office, and bedroom. If your intention is to remove negativity at an already stressful workplace, it would be shrewd to place Black Obsidian crystals on your office desk where you conduct your work and business dealings. If you are wanting to protect negativity from entering your home, placing Black Obsidian near the front door of your house is best.
    1. Black Obsidian Meditation – You can meditate with the crystal of your choice in any shapes and forms. When meditating recite in your mind (or out loud) a mantra or affirmation that resonates with what you want to achieve. Consistent positive self-talk creates a vortex of energy that is further amplified by the energy of the crystal.
    1. Black Obsidian Crystal Grid – Find the intention that most resonates with what you want. Combine Black Obsidian with other crystals relevant to that particular intention and create a crystal grid. Placing your crystals in certain geometric patterns (the flower of life pattern is the most common one) will enhance the crystals’ vibrations, transform the energy of your space, and speed up the manifestation of your intention.

    Disclaimer- Healing crystals should never be used in place of medical treatment or psychological therapy. Furthermore, The Kindness Cause, LLC makes no guarantee regarding the exact outcome(s) of using crystals.

    Please allow 7-18 business days for your item to arrive.

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